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Why Use Reusable Swim Nappies?

Save money

A reusable swim nappy is half the cost per wear of a disposable swim nappy:


Reusable swim nappy


= 21p


Disposable swim nappy


= 45p

Using a reusable nappy for swimming lessons alone will save you £12.41 a year.

Pack lighter for holidays

24 swim nappies
weigh nearly 1kg

That’s 5% of your luggage allowance.


The Happy Nappy weighs just 60g, that’s 94% less than two packs of disposables!

Save even more space in your suitcase with Happy Nappy Swimming Costumes, Wetsuits and Jammers with integrated reusable swimming nappies.

Help the environment

Disposable swim nappies:

Take 500 years to decompose

Emit dangerous methane gas as they rot

Need 44.5 times more raw materials to make than reusable nappies

Going solely by the number of baby swimmers reported by the 206 respondents to a 2014 survey by the Swimming Teachers’ Association *, a minimum of 943.8cm3 of (non-swelling) swim nappies are used in the UK each year, which is the equivalent of:

22.5 learner pools

Baby swimming lessons only last around 30 minutes – that’s 500 years in landfill for a product that’s been used for just half an hour!

Extra comfortable

  • Soft material is gentle on sensitive skin
  • Integrated UPF protection

Leak-free swimming

  • Neoprene Swim Nappies provide a snug fit with tummy and thigh cuffs that protect against faecal leaks
  • Easy to clean and care for
  • Can be worn for a whole day at the beach for children who are nearly potty trained
  • Range of stylish designs – boys, girls and unisex
  • Suitable from newborns to older children, teenagers and adults

Reusable swim nappies are very easy to use