WeeCare Cloth Nappy – How to Use – So simple yet so effective


Brand new to Funswim the WeeCare has finally arrived.

We absolutely love this product, what a great concept. It can be used as all in one nappy, making it as simple to use as a disposable or, for quicker drying, the onesize insert can be removed to make it an all in two nappy.

Due to the elastic on the onesize insert as well as on the Easy Nappy Cover the containment is excellent, there should be no issues of blow-outs or leaks with this nappy. The fit is sleek and slim with minimal bulk and there is plenty of room inside the cover to add extra boosters for absorption.

Although the Easy Nappy Cover is designed to work with the onesize insert it will also work well with the new WeeCare Soft Nappy. This is one of the softest nappies that you will find on the market. It is made from a mixture of Bamboo, Cotton and Polyester. It is super absorbent and is ideal for night time use. It even has a little pocket so that you can add an extra booster if your baby is a heavy wetter.