We are singing in the Rain – Children who play outdoors are happiest!

Some days can be rather trying, especially if the weather is wet and miserable. Keeping children entertained and provide them with opportunities for them to exercise their creativity can also be more challenging in bad weather.


At Funswim we believe that children are at their happiest when playing outdoors. Children love splashing in puddles, they like messy play and learn many new skills through being in new and challenging situations.


Through research and tests we have two excellent brands of waterproof dungarees which we highly recommend. They are designed to EU children clothing standards and are both fully waterproof and breathable. CeLaVi, a superb Danish brand, and Playshoes, a quality German brand, have produced outstanding wet weather gear.


The Dungarees come in bright colours, have welded seams and reflectors for safety. The are also both width and length adjustable. They are made of lightweight material for maximum comfort and they stay light and soft even in cold weather. Moreover, they are machine washable at 40°C and quick drying… so your children will be ready for their next adventure in no time.

“There isn’t such a thing as bad weather… just bad clothing”. With Playshoes and CeLaVi dungarees there is simply “NO BAD WEATHER!”

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