Washable Wipes: Kind to your child’s bottom and to the environment!

washable Wipes set

When we decided to use cloth nappies for our children they were 2 months and 20 months. It took us a long time to make this decision as we were prioritising our busy lives and not realising that disposable nappies, wipes, powder, creams, etc were contributing to the demise of our beautiful world we live in. Better late than never! We made the choice and never looked back. Our kids are now older, but they were comfortable and happy in their cloth nappies.

Our natural next step was to keep true to our decision and start using washable wipes. There are many excellent washable wipes on the market and we are proud to sell the best available: Bambooty, TotsBots, Charlie Banana and Bambino Mio.

Choosing the right wipes is quite important. They can be fleece, Terry square, bamboo or cotton. This will be a matter of personal choice. However, we found that to use them regularly and not only in the home we had to develop a functional system for preparing them and transporting them with us in a manageable way.

We created a pack. Our Pack contained:

washable Wipes set

a) Washable Wet Wipes (Bamboo wipes are naturally antibacterial)

b) Waterproof Wet Bag or small tub

c) Little Spray bottle with Water, a couple of drops of chemical free baby shampoo and Teatree oil drops or Lavender essential oil

d) Small Waterproof wet bag for soiled wipes


We would always have some moist wipes (water, baby shampoo, drops of tea tree oil and lavender) and a separate wet bag for used wipes. We would only carry enough wipes based on the length of time we would be out with our children and our estimate of how many nappies we would need to change. And we would be ready to go in a matter of minutes.

Happy parents – Happy children!

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