TWF Weever Beach Shoes – New, Improved, Fun!

“Mum, can we go to the beach today?”… this is the question I always answer yes to!

I am constantly worried about the dangers of hot sand and sharp objects on the beach. I always worry and I never take my eyes off the kids. At least now I know their feet are fine.

Finding beach shoes which are both of good quality and affordable is never easy. The new and improved TWF Weever shoes are here though and you should not look any further. They have 100% neoprene uppers which is ideal both for UV and foot protection. They have also been improved with thick rubber sole with extra grip tread. TWF has included side mesh drain panels and a toggle closure so that these beach shoes will stay safely in place, even if you choose to swim in them.

My children seem to think that their shoes need to be “cool” and there are three new fabulous designs available. These designs match the ┬árange of EPS Body Boards too. Boards, Flamingo and Maps are vibrant and fun designs. The EPS Body Boards not only come in these designs, but they also have three sizes to make sure that everyone in the family can have lots of fun in the waves (sizes are 33″, 37″ and 42″).

All in all, the Maps, Boards and Flamingo designs will make the summer mood feel extra special and allow both children and adults to have fun and be trendy on the beach or in the water.

The Shoes are available from our shop following this link: TWF Weever Shoes

The Body Boards are also available from our shop following this link: EPS Body Boards