The latest blog from – Babymee – Changing Mats are clever


I’m so proud of our Babymee changing mats that I thought I’d write a blog about them!

The idea came about as I was discussing with my Dad one day about other products I’d love to design for Babymee, when he pulled out some sample waterproof fabrics which got me very excited thinking it could be possible. Then we discussed with one of our manufacturers in Nottingham that we could make something and it would be very special…

What our Babymee changing mats are is simply clever! The front or top is a soft blanket quilt which is lovely on babies bum. Instead of the tradition wipe-able only and very cold changing mats this is warm and soft! The middle section is the soaker so when your new-born has a little wee during naked nappy changing time then it’s really no problem at all! The back is then waterproof so that wee won’t soak through! The really clever part though is that these Babymee changing mats can be machine washable at 70°C. Oh yes that’s right, wash away that bacteria mums!

I am really quite sad that this product wasn’t around when Emily was in nappies because as a bit of a germophobe the thought of the changing mats being put onto a surface in some restaurant/café and then putting straight back into my bag with my only option to wipe with milton but never ever feeling like it was clean really upset me! In fact, I bought many changing mats and then threw them away after every change away from home! The bit that really got to me though was the bottom of the changing mat would be on the surface which would then be folded up and put into my changing bag or handbag which was then next to all the other things in my bag including food! Yuck is all I can say. That’s where the next idea came from…

Our little fabric bags! All our Babymee changing mats come complete inside our Star printed fabric bags with a tie top. This means no-more putting the mat into your changing bag or handbag next to your food/milk or anything else! I’ve even designed it so its big enough to fit a small packet of wipes and a nappy or 2 into as well as the mat! If you are having a quick trip out you could grab the bag and go, it’s also handy to pop under your pram/pushchair on long walks getting baby to nap.

I seriously want to go back in-time and use the Babymee changing mats with Emily but then they would never have been invented if it wasn’t for those painful two and a half years I had to suffer!

Lizzy x