The Born Smart 2.0 Newborn Nappy – A blog from Smart Bottoms

It’s said that the only thing constant in life is change. Change leads to growth, it pushes us to do more than we think we’re capable of, and it’s a good thing. At Smart Bottoms they are always looking for ways to improve their products, which is why they are so excited to offer the redesigned Born Smart diaper. 

The Born Smart 2.0 is the next generation newborn cloth diaper from Smart Bottoms. They have taken all of the features that customers loved about the original Born Smart and improved upon them. The new Born Smart  2.0 includes the following features.

  • Longer rise and an additional row of rise snaps.
  • No-prep, organic cotton/hemp interior.
  • Sewn-in insert for ease of use and quick dry time.
  • Extra row of tab snaps for better fit around tiny legs.
  • Umbilical notch to keep belly button area clean and dry.

Now, we don’t mind talking about how awesome we think the Born Smart 2.0 is, but what good is it if you don’t hear first-hand what people who are actually using them have to say? Here are just a few of the words moms shared with Smart Bottoms;

“I’m really enjoying the Born Smart that we received! It seems to fit a lot better than the others that we have – I don’t feel like I’m smushing my guy into it. He’s about 12 lb now so still a little peanut, and fits comfortably! We haven’t had any leaks or blowouts with our new BS either! Overall, we’re really happy with it!” – Jordan Sullivan
“So far I love these diapers. They give us the best fit of any of the newborn diapers we have with the ability to grow with baby. We have other brands that fit as well, but we’re about to out grow them already. The absorbency is also great. He is definitely not out wetting them like he is other brands. Unlike the original Born Smarts, I see these easily lasting us at least a couple more months. With our 10lbs boy we are currently on the lowest or middle rise and have two rows of hips snaps left. I’m not sure how tight around the legs these would be for smaller babies, but parents of smaller babies could set their snaps similar to the newborn hack from the OS diapers.” – Rosemary Terrell
“I have been able to use the Born Smart a few times on  both my chunky boy and petite girl. I am very impressed with the absorbency. My son is already a heavy wetter and it hasn’t leaked. The fit is great and I’m happy there isn’t a flap that causes his belly to get wet. I think my girl is getting bigger and is better fit for cloth diapers now. There is not as big of a leg gap as when I first tried a born smart on her.” – Jacqueline Camacho