Use of Telescopic Windsock poles – for camping or business

Over the years I have been camping and visiting business Fairs lot, especially in the Summer. One of the issues I used to have when friends or business visitors called was that they would ask: “We would like to come and see you. Can you give us directions? How can we find you there?”… at this point there would normally be a mix of panic or sheer determination to provide directions which normally would only make sense to me.

Over the last year or two, life has been easier thanks to the Brookite and Spirit of Air’s range of fibreglass telescopic poles. They are light, easy to erect and collapse, do not take much room and with the standard or super ground stake they can be used almost anywhere.

I have found that with a couple of simple flag bungees it is possible to attach almost any lightweight flag, whether you want to make sure you are a Norwich City Football Club fan or have your business flag to be proud of. Of course, there is a great range of windsocks which will also make sure your friends or customers find you and not your competition or someone else at the campsite you are staying at.

The Brookite and Spirit of Air telescopic windsock poles can be used in moderate winds and are very reliable.

Have fun this summer and make your life easy for yourself, your friends or customers when it comes to finding you. With lengths ranging between 3m and 10m you will surely make your pitch or business noticed.

By the way, I now regularly use an 6m Spirit of Air Telescopic pole next to my funky caravan.

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