Swimming with your baby or toddler… which re-usable nappy?

It is hot and finally summer is here. Your baby and toddler love the water and you can both have a great time together in the pool or on the beach.

There is so much to think about, but a good essential starting point is to consider whether to purchase single use disposable nappies or re-usable nappies. While you can purchase the disposable nappies at most supermarkets, you may need to be slightly more organised to research and purchase the right re-usable nappy for your child.

At Funswim, we have a strong background in teaching swimming. We believe that for a baby or child to enjoy the water they need to be comfortable. This involves being comfortable with the water temperature and also with how their nappy fits. As a parent, you also want to make sure that the nappy they are wearing is suitable to hold any accidents they may have and hold solids in without spillages.

Over the years we have partnered with the best baby and child swimming brands worldwide and you will find a great range in our shop. Splash About, Konfidence, TWF are among the best and most popular Neoprene re-usable nappies. These are highly recommended, award winning and endorsed by most UK swimming schools. Bambino Mio and Charlie Banana are among the most compact shell which can be worn on its on or over another nappy. These are highly popular with parents taking their children on their first holiday. They are renowned for packing small, being highly reliable and having beautiful designs. TotsBots, Bambooty and Smart Bottoms are more niche brands. They have developed some outstanding swim nappy solution with new materials, comfortable fitting and responsible sourcing and production methods in mind. These are long lasting and have become more popular with more demanding parents who want the best both for their baby/child and the environment.