The pre-fold cloth diaper has been around for ages and while some of the various folds that can be done may be intimidating, it’s nothing that you can’t figure out with some practice! So, what’s a pre-fold? It’s a rectangular diaper that you fold yourself. Yeah, the name kinda throws it off – it’s not already folded and ready to go but that’s where the customization comes in! When you fold it correctly, that’s what makes the inner part of the diaper.

So why would anyone want to use pre-folds and diaper covers? Two reasons: They’re affordable way to ensure organic fibers are on your baby’s skin, and they’re easy to wash.

No need for a fastener if you’re using the Too Smart Cover because the cover should be snug enough to keep the diaper in place. If you want to be super safe, you can always use some kind of fastener like a Snappi for peace of mind.

Now, onto the folding styles! The best fold you can do for a newborn is called the Jelly Roll Fold.

The Newspaper Fold is easy to do and is great for little boys where absorbency is needed in the front of the diaper.

The Angel Fold is probably the easiest fold you can do with a pre-fold. It’s also extremely easy to fasten and keep in place. You can also do another fold that is similar to the Angel Fold. It’s called the Diva Fold. The only difference is that baby will be on his belly and what would be the front of the diaper for the Angel Fold will simply be pulled up and fastened in the back. This creates a smooth look in the front and also helps if you happen to have the next Houdini as your child.

The Bikini Twist Fold is a favorite among parents with little girls as it places the most absorbent part of the diaper right in the middle, however, some hate this fold because it isn’t the greatest at catching poo-explosions. You’ll have the Too Smart Cover though so all of those blueberries Grandma fed to little Jane will at least be contained in the cover.

With some practice, you’ll be a pro! Let us know which fold you prefer!