TotsBots Peenut Wrap Elements


TotsBots PeeNut Nappy Cover Wrap Waterproof Size 1 & 2 Nappy System Pop Dandy



A simply brilliant waterproof wrap to be used with the PeeNut 3-in-1 absorbent pad or the Bamboozle Stretch nappy.

Using the wrap with the PeeNut absorbent pads:

A cost-effective day-time system, as you don’t need to change your PeeNut wrap every time, each PeeNut wrap can be used for up to 4 consecutive changes. Simply remove wet pad (s), wipe down your wrap and pop in a clean pad (s). This makes for a super economical nappy system.

Using your wrap with the Bamboozle Stretch:
Most popular for night-time, simply pop the waterproof PeeNut wrap over your absorbent bamboo nappy and it’s an un-interrupted sleep for you and a sound night sleep for baby.
Size 1 fits from 6-18lbs and Size 2 fits from ‘birth to potty’ – 9-35lbs. Small PeeNut pad can hold 210ml Big PeeNut pad can hold 270ml
Both PeeNut pads used simultaneously holds up to 480ml

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