Splash About UV ALL IN ONE Sun Eczema Protection Matching Happy Nappy Sunsuit


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for holding eczema and barrier creams in place.

to get on and off. 

sensitive skin from wind and sand. 

50+ sun protection

Made out of premium
quality UPF50+ material, our UV Suits provide a high neck, long legs and long
sleeves to keep sensitive skin protected in its most vulnerable areas.Perfect
for Little One’s with sensitive skin conditions such as Eczema; the All in One
is also designed to address the problems caused by slippery barrier creams by
blocking in creams for those who require them and providing grip for parents
with a non-slip material. The suit ensures that creams stay put without being
rubbed off or absorbed by the fabric, which would otherwise make swimming a
much slipperier experience.Our UV Sun Suits are really easy to get on and off,
with poppers at the back and, for the under twos, under the legs for simple
nappy-changing be it at the beach, in the garden, or by the pool.

Materials: Nylon 80%, Elastane 20%

The Splash About All In One Sunsuit is available in the following sizes:

Small: 0-3 Months;
Length: 29 cm; Chest: 55cm.
Medium: 3-6m; Length: 31 cm; Chest: 57 cm.
Large: 6-12m; Length: 33 cm; Chest: 58 cm.
XLarge: 12-24m; Length: 38 cm; Chest: 60 cm.


patented design for the best protection against faecal leaks 

advanced for the best fit and comfort 

panel design moves as your child moves 

UPF 50+
for that extra sun protection

The New and Improved Happy Nappy by Splash About is
insisted upon by swim schools, pool owners and leisure facilities globally to
help protect other babies and swimmers from faecal accidents into the water.
Super soft neoprene is shaped into two back pieces, which cup the baby’s
bottom. These are held securely in place by a gusset, whilst specialist waist
and leg fabric grips comfortably, yet snugly, to your child’s body.  This
ensures that no matter however they move and twist in the water there is no
gaping. The front rib of the nappy is designed to roll gently down under the
tummy button to form a seal against the neoprene. Splash About have created
this ergonomically form fitting nappy to be secure yet comfortable no matter
how hard they play and kick in the water. To keep babies and other swimmers
safe in the pool ensure you wear the new Improved Happy Nappy from Splash About
changing the world one bottom at a time.

Composition – Made from 1mm thick Neoprene

Available in 4 Sizes

Small – 0-3m, Waist 34 – 41 cm, Thigh 17 – 22 cm.

Medium – 3-6m, Waist 37 – 44 cm, Thigh 19 – 24 cm.

Large – 6-12m, Waist 40 -47 cm, Thigh 22 – 31 cm.

Extra Large – 12-24m, Waist 44 – 52 cm, Thigh 26 – 33 cm.

Wash Instructions – Hand wash in cold clean water
and leave to dry in the shade. Special Instructions  – For best results
wear with the disposable Nappy liner which can be binned after use and the
cotton nappy wrap which can be washed in the washing machine for easy cleaning.

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3-6 Months (M), 3-6 Months (M), 6-12 Months (L), 6-12 Months (L), 3-6 Months (M), 6-12 Months (L), 12-24 Months (XL), 3-6 Months (M), 6-12 Months (L), 12-24 Months (XL), 12-24 Months (XL), 3-6 Months (M), 6-12 Months (L), 12-24 Months (XL), 3-6 Months (M), 6-12 Months (L), 12-24 Months (XL), 3-6 Months (M), 6-12 Months (L), 12-24 Months (XL), 3-6 Months (M), 6-12 Months (L), 12-24 Months (XL), 12-24 Months (XL)


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