Splash About ALL IN ONE & Matching Happy Nappy


Splash About UV ALL IN ONE Sun Eczema Protection Matching Happy Nappy Sunsuit



Keep your child safe and secure with the Splash About Sunsuit Set, featuring an All-In-One UV Suit and Happy Nappy. Available in funky matching designs and devised to work together, this set is a swim bag essential, whether you’re at home, the pool or the beach!


The UV Sunsuit is an All-In-One wonder! Watch your child’s confidence in the water grow with the Sunsuit to support them:

  • Fully covers body, neck, arms and legs to retain body heat and keep your child warm
  •    Super supple and form-fitting to ensure comfort and unrestricted movement
  • No nasty sunburn – the UPF 50+ protection ensures the All-In-One provides a total sun block
  • Wind and sand resistant means it protects your child on the beach as well as in the water
  • Prevents barrier cream from being washed away to help sensitive skin stay irritation-free
  • The easy to grip surface will increase your own confidence when swimming with your little fish!
  • Popper fastenings at the back and under the legs for no-stress changing – either when wet or dry!
  • 80% Nylon, 20% Elastane


  • Available in four sizes: S 0-3 months; M 3-6 months; L 6-12 months; XL 12-24 months


The world’s most reliable Happy Nappy is now back with a new and improved design. Approved by swim schools, pool owners and leisure facilities across the world, this is a must-have item for your swim bag:


  • No mess, no stress – the Happy Nappy protects other swimmers from unfortunate faecal accidents in the water
  • Ergonomic and form fitting, it remains comfortable and secure no matter how much your little one plays and kicks in the water, meaning the fun never ends!
  • Two layers of super soft neoprene comprise the bottom of the Happy Nappy, and are held together by a gusset
  • No gaping – specialist leg and waist grips move with baby to prevent spillage and form a seal against the neoprene
  • Available in five sizes: 0-3 months; 3-6 months; 6-12 months; 12-24 months; 2-3 years


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Main Colour

Pink Blossom, Set Sail, Set Sail, Pink Blossom, Vintage Moby, Vintage Moby, Vintage Moby, Dragonfly, Dragonfly, Dragonfly, Set Sail, Noah's Ark, Noah's Ark, Noah's Ark, Nina's Ark, Nina's Ark, Nina's Ark, Garden Birds, Garden Birds, Garden Birds, Gecko, Gecko, Gecko, Pink Blossom, Under the Sea, Into the Woods, Owl & the Pussycat, Little Ducks, Dino Pirates, Shark


3-6 Months (M), 3-6 Months (M), 6-12 Months (L), 6-12 Months (L), 3-6 Months (M), 6-12 Months (L), 12-24 Months (XL), 3-6 Months (M), 6-12 Months (L), 12-24 Months (XL), 12-24 Months (XL), 3-6 Months (M), 6-12 Months (L), 12-24 Months (XL), 3-6 Months (M), 6-12 Months (L), 12-24 Months (XL), 3-6 Months (M), 6-12 Months (L), 12-24 Months (XL), 3-6 Months (M), 6-12 Months (L), 12-24 Months (XL), 12-24 Months (XL)


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