Splash About Sunsuit


Splash About Swim UV Sunsuit All in One Baby Grip Sun Eczema Protection Sunsuit

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MAXIMUM (SPF 50+) sun
protection wear. Comfortable to wear and stylish to be seen in. The soft fabric
of the Splash About All In One feels wonderful to wear.

A high neck, long legs and long sleeves keep the skins most vulnerable areas
safe. And great colours ensure your children look great too! And the suits are
really easy to get on and off, with poppers at the back and, for the under
twos, under the legs for simple nappy-changing. Also called the BabyGrip.

Designed to address the problems caused by eczema for swimming babies and young
children. The barrier cream used to minimise irritation to the eczema gets even
more slippery when wet making the child tricky to hold! The cream seeps through
most fabrics and can make them slippery too!
Our BabyGrip will not absorb barrier cream and will ensure the cream stays
where it is meant to without being rubbed off.

Materials: Nylon 80%, Elastane 20%

The Splash About All In One Sunsuit is available in the following sizes:

Medium: 3-6m; Length: 31 cm; Chest: 57 cm.
Large: 6-12m; Length: 33 cm; Chest: 58 cm.
XLarge: 12-24m; Length: 38 cm; Chest: 60 cm.

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Main Colour

Pink Blossom, Set Sail, Set Sail, Vintage Moby, Vintage Moby, Dragonfly, Dragonfly, Dragonfly, Gecko, Gecko, Gecko, Nina's Ark, Nina's Ark, Nina's Ark, Garden Birds, Garden Birds, Garden Birds, Noah's Ark, Noah's Ark, Noah's Ark, Pink Blossom, Set Sail, Vintage Moby, Under the Sea, Into the Woods, Shark, Owl & the Pussycat, Dino Pirates


3-6 Months (M), 3-6 Months (M), 6-12 Months (L), 3-6 Months (M), 6-12 Months (L), 3-6 Months (M), 6-12 Months (L), 12-24 Months (XL), 3-6 Months (M), 6-12 Months (L), 12-24 Months (XL), 3-6 Months (M), 6-12 Months (L), 12-24 Months (XL), 3-6 Months (M), 6-12 Months (L), 12-24 Months (XL), 3-6 Months (M), 6-12 Months (L), 12-24 Months (XL), 6-12 Months (L), 12-24 Months (XL), 12-24 Months (XL)


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