Splash About Swim Cap Hat Baby Toddler Child Fabric Lycra 0-18m 18m+ NEW DESIGNS


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The Splash About super cute swim hats, made from soft stretchy material, are ideal for keeping little heads warmer for longer and great for those with sensitive skin. Complete your baby’s swim outfit with a matching hat.

Stay on trend this summer with the Splash About swim hat. Ideal for keeping little heads warm in water for longer, our smart swim hats, made from high quality nylon lycra they are a perfect addition to your swim kit. In addition, eczema and sensitive skin in babies and young children can be extremely distressing. Don’t be put off from normal and enjoyable activities such as swimming and playing on the beach The Splash About Swim hat is designed for all babies and toddlers with irritated skin conditions such as cradle cap, eczema or simply to keep the sun off their scalps. The snug fitting cap helps to keep barrier and eczema creams in place providing extra protection in the pool.

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