Spirit of Air Flag Bungees Set of 2


Packaged as a pair, these inexpensive flag bungees are the safest method of attaching your flags to the Spirit of Air telescopic windsock display poles.



The Flag Bungees are designed specifically to grip the pole with the minimum safe load and help prevent crushing the pole as some other flag attachment methods may.

Spirit of Air is considered to be the UK’s leading¬† designer and manufacturer of quality high performance single line kites, kites for children, power kites, stunt and sports kites.

In addition to kites their production includes many types of windsocks, twisters, spinners, garden windmills, flags, banners and line accessories. These are complimented by their Pro Poles for professional banner display and their telescopic windsock display poles that are very popular with caravan, camping and festival enthusiasts.

Spirit of Air’s head designer and engineer have a simple, but worth philosophy – If a product doesn’t work well or last the distance, it does not get made. Therefore their continued excellence has seen products such as the Pro Poles, being regarded as the best you can get in the UK.

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1 Pack of 2, 2 Packs of 2, 5 Packs of 2, 10 Packs of 2


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