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Sleepybobo – Gerry the Giraffe


The Platinum & Silver Award winning Sleepybobo / aka Gerry The Giraffe is the first member of the Sleepybobo family. The world wide patent pending ( PCT ) Sleepybobo has been designed to appeal to all parents, being tactile, endearing, highly detailed, luxurious and cute.

Most of all Gerry The Giraffe provides a solution to a problem that has existed in today’s hectic lifestyle raising a new born. The Sleepybobo has been designed in such a way that it will attach to most existing car seats, swinging cribs, baby bouncers, baby rockers, Moses baskets and rock / bounce these products for a maximum of 30 minutes at a time so you as the parent / carer / Grandparent can do other things, help another child, help your spouse, answer the door, go to the toilet in peace and quiet.

Gerry has a multitude of functions, safety being the main criteria. A timer button that can be set to a maximum of 30 minutes ( our recommended maximum usage of 3 X 30 minutes in one day) which will switch off when complete. A variable speed button to control how fast Gerry does his important job ( slowest speed only when using crib or Moses basket ). A lock button that will stop little fingers pressing buttons by mistake. A flip out stability platform that can be used to help Gerry stay in position and help on different floor surfaces.Designed by a parent, a world’s first, adorable but most of all, solving a common problem that new parents have. The Sleepybobo is a product that parents / friends / Grandparents will love as a gift, helping in those early stages of bringing up a new born baby.



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