Nappy Close Parent Pop in Bamboo Birth to Potty One Size All in One Washable


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BUY 4 AND GET 1 FREE – Select and purchase the 4 Nappies that you would like and we will include one more for free!!

The Pop-in
is made from gorgeously soft and incredibly absorbent bamboo inners and the
outer shells come in different colours and prints.

NOTE: The bamboo inners can only be used with the version nappy that they come
with, version 1 and 2 inners cannot be swopped.

Features and benefits:
. Birth to potty
. Highly absorbent
. Excellent containment
. Gorgeously soft and incredibly absorbent bamboo

We love colour co-ordinating our pop-in soakers and boosters with their outer
shells, but please be aware that many factors can affect the colours of the
inserts once in use, including detergents and of course the content of the
nappies, variable as they are.

We therefore cannot guarantee that the colours will retain their integrity and
in some circumstances may become stained or lose their colour. Please be
assured that this does not affect the functionality of the product in any way
so we cannot indemnify against this and it is not covered by the warranty.

Please wash dark colours separately.

The Pop-in is an all-in-one nappy system. It comes complete with a soaker and a
booster popped together in a clever waterproof outer shell. They have stretchy
tabs like a disposable for a soft snug fit around baby.There is a double leg
gusset for extra protection against leaks and finally the new gen Pop-in has a
wonderfully absorbent panel concealed within the gusset of the outershell which
helps hold the wetness in the middle of the nappy so parents get that extra dry
time between changes. At night the clever little night time booster will help
keep them dry ensuring nothing but dream filled nights!

One size fits most:

From first nappy to potty training the new generation Pop-in goes even further
towards perfecting the birth to potty sizing offering even greater flexibility
at the waist and legs as baby grows. Pop-in’s use cleverly positioned poppers
so parents can easily adjust the size of the nappy as baby grows.

Pop-ins are designed to fit most babies from birth through to potty trainingYou
choose the nappy setting that most closely fits around your baby’s legs for
maximum containment. Do remember…you may find that your little one quickly
progresses through the size settings faster than you anticipate, they may even
be on the largest setting at night by 6-8 months, but don’t panic they will
soon be mobile and their body shape will then change!


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Monster Edi (New Gen V2), Monkey, Flamingo, Tiger, Crocodile


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