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Konfidence Youth Jackets





Whatever age a child first goes in the water they want to feel safe and secure, which makes these Konfidence Youth Jackets perfect for introducing the wearer to the joys of swimming, and having fun in this environment.
Made from neoprene fabric they provide warmth, comfort and a feeling of security and the bright yellow backs provides hi-visibility for parents.The Konfidence Youth Float Jackets are also available in larger sizes. Perfect for older children who want to avoid the stigma of wearing armbands whilst they’re learning to swim, or teenagers and adults less confident in the water they provide a much more credible alternative to other swimming aids.They can be used as an aid to learning to swim or to provide support for the non-swimmer during other water activities- wear with normal swimsuits/wetsuits or UV wear.
– encourages water confidence at any age.

Comes with optional adjustable / removable crotch strap support

The Konfidence Youth Jacket is available in 3 sizes and should fit snugly like a T-shirt:


Size   Weight
  Chest Size
  8 to 10 Years    Up to  40 kgs   /   Up to 88 lbs    71cm  /  28″
  10 to 12 Years
   Up to 45 kgs   /   Up to 99 lbs    79cm  /  31″
  12 to 14 Years
   Up to 50 kgs   /   Up to 110 lbs    86cm  /  34″

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