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Charlie Banana¨ Disposable Nappy Inserts are a great option instead of reusable inserts, especially if you are just starting your cloth nappy journey. Also very convenient while traveling or dropping your kids off at nursery. They are good for daily and overnight use and are super soft for your baby’s comfort. A recommended item to use with any of the Charlie Banana¨ Nappies.
● Makes cloth nappies on-the-go easier ● Minimize cloth nappy cleanup ● Absorbent ● Can be used with most cloth nappy brands ● Chlorine, Plastic, Paraben, Dye, and Perfume-free ● Biodegradable ● Made with care in China
Materials / Ingredients
Lining: 100% Rayon made from Bamboo / Inner: 73% Wood Pulp 27% SAP
Place insert on top of the diaper. Tuck the extremity into the front flap. Fasten diaper onto baby as usual. Charlie Banana® disposable insert conveniently fits into most hybrid type cloth diaper brands. When it is time to change baby, unfasten diaper and remove the soiled pad, then place a new pad and fasten diaper back onto baby. You can refill it with a washable/reusable insert or disposable insert. Whether using disposable or reusable inserts, please note that you should shake off any any solids into the toilet. Discard disposable inserts in the garbage or place in your washing pail.
We recommend using reusable inserts whenever you can. WASTE REDUCTION IS EVERYONE’S PRIORITY. *Caution: these inserts are not flushable.


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