Bambooty Basics Nappy


BASICS Nappy Bambooty Reusable Cloth All In TWO One Size Washable Wrap & Booster

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Bambooty Basics are an All in Two birth to potty nappy system. Each nappy comes with a booster made with 75% Bamboo & 25% Organic Cotton. They have a suede cloth top making them more stain resistant and also offers a stay dry feel for baby. Bambooty basics have a fluffy outer cover which remains beautifully soft to the touch.

The cut of the Bambooty Basics is very trim and neat making them perfect if you’re looking for a slim nappy. They are especially good for very slim babies. The length of the nappy is short to average so don’t buy this nappy if you have a long baby or tall family as it’s likely it will be outgrown before potty training.

Bambooty Basics have been compared to Itti Bitti brand which is no longer available. As the Bambooty Basic is an all in two nappy this can be a very economical system. When drying these nappies the Minky shells normally dry faster than the absorbency flaps, meaning you can get away with fewer shells than snap-in inserts, which saves you money. In theory it is possible to occassionally change only the snap in insert of the nappy, instead of the whole nappy at a change. We do find however that most people change the whole nappy each time and you must do this if the shell gets soiled or wet.

The Basic Nappy includes one Bamboo Insert.

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