Abeille Baby Cellular Blanket


Beautiful Baby Blankets from Abeille

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The first blanket your newborn is wrapped in is treasured forever – cellular blankets are the ONLY blankets recommended for newborn babies (the ones the hospitals use!) Abeille cellular blankets have small holes in them to keep your baby warm without danger of overheating. The clever ‘cell’ construction traps air to keep baby warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
Abeille have transformed the traditional cellular blanket by using a carefully selected colour palette that compliments any home. Designed in Britain, these cellular blankets are much softer and of a more generous size than a lot of their counterparts, making them more versatile. The weight of the cotton has also been increased, to make these blankets bouncier and softer on babies skin.
As soft and sweet as a favourite jumper, each blanket is individually packed in a beautiful gift box. Ideal for using in buggies and prams as well as cots.


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