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Konfidence Baby Warma Mini Wetsuit BabyWarma – All Designs

  As a parent, you'll want to do the very best for your baby. That's why the Konfidence range of...

Splash About Warm In One mini wetsuit -Various Designs

Designed for babies who need just that little bit more coverage, this special baby wetsuit is fleece lined and has...

TWF Shorty Childs Wetsuit Pirate

The TWF pirate wetsuit is ideal for both beach and sea use. It is made with 2mm neoprene which is...

TWF Tots Wrap Baby Neoprene Wetsuit Warma Toddler Baby 0-6m 6-12m 12-18m

Fantastic little suit to help keep your baby warm in the water so that they can enjoy themselves for longer....

TWF Wetsuit Socks

Fantastic TWF WetSox Socks for all water sports. Made from titanium double lined 3mm Neoprene. Made by The Wetsuit Factory...

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