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Splash About Swim Jacket

Float Jacket   The Splash About Float Jackets are such a useful aid to help your child become more confident in...

Splash About Swim Nappy Liners

SPLASH ABOUT BABY LINERS - PACK OF 25 These soft nappy liners are available in packs of 25 and specially...

Splash About Swim Nappy Wrap

This lovely, soft white cotton nappy wrap, with embroidered Splash About logo forms part of our fantastic, environmentally friendly nappy...

Splash About Swim Vest

  NEW for 2017 - Nina's Ark and Noah's Ark The lightweight, yet durable Go Splash Swim Vest. Perfect to take...

Splash About Toddler Jammers

The Splash Jammers™ provide all the security of a Happy Nappy™ but in a more grown up, sporty design. Potty...

Splash About Warm In One

The Warm-In-One Wetsuit is perfect for babies and toddles that need a bit more protection whilst building their confidence in the water. Multi-award...

Warm in One & Happy Nappy

Help your child learn to love the water with the Splash About Warm-In-One Wetsuit and Happy Nappy set. Available in funky matching...

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