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Smart Bottoms – Small Wet Bag

Smart Bottoms' Small Wet Bag holds approximately 2 All-In-One (AIO) cloth diapers and is the perfect size for a quick...

Smart Bottoms Born Smart Newborn Nappy

The Born Smart 2.0 is the next generation newborn cloth diaper from Smart Bottoms. They have taken all of the...

Smart Bottoms Dream Diaper 2.0

The Smart Bottoms' Dream Diaper 2.0 cloth diaper is a less-prep all-in-one cloth diaper made from a blend of certified...

Smart Bottoms Hanging Pail Bag

The Smart Bottoms hanging wet bag is the perfect alternative to a cloth diaper pail. It can easily be hung...

Smart Bottoms Lil’ Swim Nappy

  Product Description The side-snapping swim nappy from Smart Bottoms features two rows of snaps on each side, allowing you...

Smart Bottoms Lil’ Trainer Pants

All parents know potty training can be tough, but the Smart Bottom trainers can help your little one do it...

Smart Bottoms Too Smart Cloth Nappy Insert

SMART BOTTOMS' TOO SMART CLOTH DIAPER INSERTS Product Description Smart Bottoms' Too Smart Cloth Diaper Cover Inserts are made to...

Smart Bottoms Too Smart Nappy Cover

SMART BOTTOMS' TOO SMART NAPPY COVER Smart Bottoms' Too Smart Cover fits most babies 10-35 lbs. The cover features double...

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