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Clippasafe Cupboard Drawer Lock

Children love to rummage in places they shouldn't and cupboards are always their prime target when they're feeling adventurous. Cupboard...

Clippasafe Drawer Safety Catch Lock 3 Pack

Keeping little hands and fingers out of drawers is always hard work, particularly as children love to be adventurous and...

Clippasafe Oven & Stove Hob Knob Guard Protector

Control knobs on ovens and hobs can often look like an attractive proposition to young children as they search for...

Clippasafe Pram And Carry Cot Insect Net

Protecting your children when out and about is a must. If you are out in warm weather, the potential for...

Clippasafe Reins and Walking Harness

Clippasafe made their name designing harnesses and reins. They not only allow toddlers the freedom and stability when starting to...

Clippasafe Socket Double Plug Protector

Ideal for preventing accidental disconnection of vital household, office and specialist equipment such as fridges, freezers, computers, aquariums, TVs, DVD...

Clippasafe UK 3 Pin Plug Socket Cover

As children grow they love to explore their surroundings, pushing, pulling and touching whatever they can and plug sockets seem...

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