Potty Training for the slightly Older Child

So there are many reasons that your child may not have potty trained earlier. Perhaps they just didn’t get the concept, don’t have any interest or perhaps they have a special need that means that they just cannot be potty trained at the same time as other children.

So there are lots of potty training pants on the market to help your child to understand the concept of being wet without you have to clean up all of the mess. Most potty training pants can absorb a small accident as long as your child tells you straight away and you help them to change immediately:

Bambino Mio – 3 Sizes  – 18-24m, 24-36m and 3yrs+

Smart Bottoms – 3 Sizes – 2-3yrs, 3-4yrs and 4-5yrs

Charlie Banana – 2in1 Swim and Potty Training Pants – S (4.5-6.5kgs), M (6.5-9kgs), L  (9-12kgs) and XL (12-25kgs)

However, if your child has reached the largest size or weight and is not potty trained then you will need to look for something else.

Charlie Banana have thought about this and come up with the Junior Super Pro Training Pant. Perfect for juvenile kids who have outgrown toddler training pants and need a daily protection barrier. There are inserts available to use inside if your child needs extra protection or it can be used without the insert when you are ready to attempt toilet training. The Super Pro can be used for Sports, including swimming, or in a wheelchair.

Splash About have also developed the Splash Jammer for swimming, which works as well as the award winning Happy Nappy and can provide confidence in the water for any child or adult. The smaller designs, for 2-3yrs or 3-4yrs, are available in 3 exciting designs. The larger sizes are available in Pink/Navy or Jade/Navy. The sizes go from 4-5yrs right the way up to XL Adult.

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