The On-the-go Nappy Wet bag: useful, effective, trendy, for life!


Once you have taken the decision to use Cloth Nappies, you have chosen to make a difference not only for your child, but also for the environment.

A range of fantastic brands are available on the market such as Bambino Mio, Smart Bottoms, TotsBots, Charlie Banana & Bambooty.

However, you will need to make the choice of what other “essentials” you need together with the Cloth Nappy system you have opted for.

One of the essential items you will consider is a waterproof “Wet Bag“. This are perfect on-the-go waterproof bag for busy Mums and wet bums! The wet bags are perfect for transporting wet clothes, swimwear, nappies and more while keeping the rest of your items drip-free and dry. Of course you may chose to use the bag you have purchased to keep dry your essential items while you are out and about with your baby and the sun does not shine.

At Funswim we have tested the Smart Bottoms and the Bambino Mio On-the-go Wet Bags. They are extremely useful and effective. We have tested them with our children’s wet swimming gear and all items outside the bags have stayed dry. We have also found that many friends have remarked on how trendy our wet bags were. The choice of designs and patterns is great so that it can reflect your mood and personality.

The greatest advantage of having one of these On-the-go Smart Bottoms or Bambino Mio wet bags is that they will last you a life time. This is a major “plus” for us. At Funswim we care for the environment and this wet bag will continue to be used over many trips and many years.

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Bambino Mio On-the-go Wet Bag