Newborn Nappies – Which are the best?

So you are due to have a baby, any day now, and you need to make the decision to go cloth or disposables. Well, here at Funswim Cloth will win every time. Your little one is more comfortable, will suffer less leaks and blowouts (also positive for you) and is likely to potty train earlier. You will get to do your bit towards saving the planet, reducing waste and looking after your baby by putting less chemicals and harsh disposables near their delicate skin.

Lots of people will suggest that when they are first born you are best to use disposables until you get into the routine of having a baby. However, there are loads of Newborn cloth nappies on the market and they are great. They will work well and fit well without too much bulk and you can always use them for subsequent children on pass them onto another new family when you have finished.

Your newborn nappy is not necessarily for just the first few weeks. They will work well on premature babies or multiple births as your baby will likely be smaller for longer. You can also keep the inserts in your Newborn Nappies and use them as a booster on any larger nappies as your baby grows.


Here at Funswim we stock several brands of Newborn Nappies – Charlie Banana XSmall, TotsBots Teenyfit, Bambooty Newborn and Smart Bottoms Born Smart. Lots of the Newborn nappies are smaller versions of the Birth to Potty Nappies. If you try some different Newborn nappies you will be able to get an idea of what works best for you and your baby.

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