There are a number of reasons why you could be experiencing nappy leakage:

a) Are you changing often enough? You need to change your reusable nappy every 2-4 hours just like a disposable. As your baby gets bigger you may find you need to change your nappy more regularly.

b) Are you using a nappy liner? Ensure that your nappy liner lays flat on top of your nappy and do not fold the nappy liner to create a double layer.

c) Are you using any nappy creams? We recommend you only used water-based creams when using reusable nappies as the oils in the product can reduce the absorbency of your nappies. If using a water-based nappy cream, only apply a thin layer and always use a Nappy Liner.

d) Have your nappies been prepared correctly? Have you prewashed your nappies at least once before you have started using them? Check that the absorbent core is lying flat inside the all-in-one nappy. Ensure that you are using the correct size two-piece nappy and that it has been folded correctly.

e) The fit of your nappies may need to be adjusted. If your nappies feel too tight or loose they may need adjusting. Treat your nappies like a piece of clothing, it should not be too tight nor too loose. Please ensure you are using the correct size of nappy. If you are using the All In One Nappy, such as the Miosolo,  you can use the poppers to adjust the length of the nappy and angle the hook and loop fastenings to change the size of the leg holes to suit your baby. If you are using a Two Piece Nappy, such as the Miosoft, ensure your nappy is folded correctly and your baby is in the correct size nappy cover.

Please ensure that the nappies fit snugly against your baby’s legs and tummy. By adjusting the angle of the hook and loop fastenings you can alter the size of the leg openings to make them bigger or smaller.

If using are using a two-piece nappy check that the nappy is completely tucked inside the nappy cover at the waist and leg openings.

f) Your nappies may not have enough absorbency. As your baby grows you may need to add more absorbency to your nappies. Adding a nappy booster is a great way to maximise the absorbency of your nappies. If you have tried a Booster, such as the Mioboost, and this is not working, you may need to restore your nappies to their original absorbency by “strip washing” them.