Learn to Swim – Swim Aids – What is the Difference?

Float suits

These great products are part swimming costume and part float jacket. This is an excellent choice for the beginner swimmer as you can take the floats out as they gain more swim skills. It’s also perfect for holidays giving you peace of mind when they play in or near water. Comes in 3 great styles for extra choice, from original, to short John with extra leg cover and full UV float suit protection for those hot sunny holidays where covering up is essential. The two leading brands of Float Suits are Splash About and Konfidence. Float Suits can be used from 1 Year to 6 Years.

Float Jackets

The Float Jacket available from both Splash About and Konfidence. This fantastic buoyancy aid is great for older beginners and adults, whether they need a bit of extra support or are just starting out. Secured with a robust zip, this jacket is easy to get on and off and contains an adjustable 8 or 16 float buoyancy system, so you can adjust the support as needed. Perfect for days out by water so you are always prepared for a dip. Float Jackets are available through Funswim – both Konfidence and Splash About – the two leading brands. Float Jackets can be used from 1 Year and are available in all sizes including adult sizes.