Just arrived – Cognikids Creeper Crawler BabyGro All In One Suit

It is a cotton body, equipped with rubber cuffs that helps to find traction in any surface of the floor, that is to say that can slip by any surface without slipping, facilitating its movement. 


1. NEUROLOGICAL DEVELOPMENT. The constant movement that requires crawling stimulates the neurons of the baby’s brain, helping in this way to improve the concentration and memory of the baby.

2. BALANCE AND MUSCLE DEVELOPMENT. The baby develops strength in the muscles of his base, legs, shoulders, upper back, arms and hands. When crawling play with balance, which makes the baby feel stable and confident of his abilities.

3. EYE FUNCTION DEVELOPMENT. The baby has to calculate the distance he wants to travel, at the same time he has to look at his hands and the ground where he is dragging, which will be beneficial in the future when he has to develop activities on the board when he is at school, for example .