Summer’s here… Elements, three fresh new cloth nappy designs from TotsBots!

“I am going shopping for my summer holiday’s wardrobe… are you coming?” … a smile beams out of my child’s happy face as she sits in her comfortable and eco-friendly cloth nappy by TotsBots.

Summer is about fun, relaxation, family times, new experiences, time outdoors and everything bright and beautiful. This vision of time is behind the colourful new “Elements” Cloth Nappy prints just released by TotsBots for the Summer 2019.

With a focus on what children often see looking up and spending more time in nature, the three prints are of bright clouds gently moving in the breeze, of colourful balloons and awe-inspiring dandelion ready to fly into a sunlit sky.

These fresh new cloth nappy designs are available in the EasyFit, TeenyFit All in One nappy and PeeNut wrap. You can further personalise your summer experience with the changing mat and wet and dry bag with the same designs.

It is amazing that TotsBots combines some of the best cloth nappies on the market with fresh designs which keep you and your child positive and happy.

The new prints are now available at Funswim… have you got yours yet? That summer wardrobe is not going to get ready by itself…

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