How to continue with re-usable cloth nappies even on your holiday. Yes, you can!

Going on holiday is fun, helps the family make unforgettable memories, takes us to beautiful places, makes us appreciate the World and broadens our horizons… yet it has a number of challenges when it involves going away with a young family.

We made the choice to use cloth nappies with our children mainly because we wanted to have a more positive impact on the Environment. It was all going very well as  we had established a good home routine which worked for our baby, for ourselves and for the World.

We then decided to visit our relatives in Italy and the dilemma of  using “cloth nappies vs disposable nappies” during the holiday hit us. We had to find solutions to the following issues: luggage allowance, washing facilities, drying, detergents and storage. You may be facing the same issues as you prepare for your holiday so I will share what worked for us.

Modern cloth nappies are not too bulky. We packed about 12 (including a couple of night booster pads and several nappy inserts). We also packed a medium size dry bag, a wet bag and some washing powder. It was clear to us from the start that purchasing an extra suitcase allowance was the sensible think to do. This worked and was money well spent. We managed to carry with us everything we needed. It was hard carrying everything… but once there, we set up our “home from home” and relaxed. We enjoyed life with our child in new surroundings.

When it came to washing facilities, being able to access a washing machine was great. On other holidays since we have washed nappies by hand. This has also worked (though it wasn’t as convenient!). In our case drying the nappies was so much easier in Italy than in the UK. There was always a nice, strong sun to kill all bacteria and make sure that nappies dried quickly. However, you may need to be careful on the washing and drying instructions for your cloth nappies as some materials being left in strong sunshine may not be the best.

Finally, when it came to best detergents, we researched what was available in the town we were visiting before hand. We had contacts and made sure we knew what was available to buy before hand. We took enough washing detergent to last us a couple of days though – nothing better than peace of mind! We also made sure that we had somewhere to store our nappies… our dry/wet bags we had packed worked perfectly.

I must admit that on that first holiday abroad with a young child, we also carried some disposable inserts and wipes (just in case!). In time, we became much more organised and efficient and our child enjoyed not having his routines changed too much. We also realised that we could go on holiday when and where we wanted as we could continue using our cloth nappies and follow our vision of making a small contribution to looking after our planet through using cloth nappies on holiday too.

What are your tips, memories or issues when it comes to using cloth nappies on holiday?

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