Charlie Banana – Hybrid Nappies – Which type of insert should I use?

So you have made the decision to use Washable Nappies and start your journey to less waste and a more comfortable and happy baby.

Charlie Banana offer the Hybrid Pocket Nappy, a waterproof outer with a fleece liner attached. These nappy’s are traditionally called ‘Pocket Nappy’s’. ¬†You can put whatever you like in the pocket, in between the outer and the fleece lining, for absorbency.

The nappy comes with 2 microfibre inserts which are great, ideal for your baby. They are absorbent, last well and dry quickly.

As you baby grows you may find that you need a little bit more absorbency. They may be a ‘heavy wetter’ or you may be lucky enough that they sleep a bit longer at night at the nappy needs to last a bit longer. You could use the 2 microfibre inserts together or it may be time to invest in the Charlie Banana Hemp inserts. They are no more bulky but they are a lot more absorbent. However with the greater absorbency they will take longer to dry. If you are short on drying space you may need some extra Hemp inserts or you could use the microfibre during the day and save the Hemp inserts for the night.

Charlie Banana also offer another option for their inserts – the disposable insert. Ok, so this could be considered a bit of a cheat. Is this really still a better option than a disposable nappy? Well the Charlie Banana insert is biodegradable and free from plastic, chlorine, paraben, dye and perfume so it is an improvement on many disposable nappies and should be more comfortable for your baby. They are ideal for use whilst traveling, you are still using your cloth nappies but making it a bit easier for washing. It may also be more convenient when your baby is in a Nursery or Childcare during the day.

Not all of us can manage to use cloth nappy’s 100% of the time but every little helps. Each time that you use a cloth nappy you are saving one more disposable nappy from going into landfill.