Potty Training for the slightly Older Child

So there are many reasons that your child may not have potty trained earlier. Perhaps they just didn’t get the concept, don’t have any interest or perhaps they have a special need that means that they just cannot be potty trained at the same time as other children. So there are lots of potty training […]

Newborn Nappies – Which are the best?

So you are due to have a baby, any day now, and you need to make the decision to go cloth or disposables. Well, here at Funswim Cloth will win every time. Your little one is more comfortable, will suffer less leaks and blowouts (also positive for you) and is likely to potty train earlier. […]

National Drowning Prevention Week – Water Safety on Holiday

WATER SAFETY ON HOLIDAY Each year UK citizens drown on holiday abroad so being aware of the basic principles of water safety on holiday, combined with knowledge and understanding of the hazards, can increase enjoyment and significantly reduce the number of deaths each year. People preparing for their summer holidays should ensure simple advice is […]