Swim Nappy – New Designs for 2019 – from TotsBots

Aloha! There are so many lovely things that swimming with your baby brings and leaky swim nappies is not one of them. Nobody likes a floater, so making sure you have the right swim nappies for those baby swim classes or that wonderful holiday you have booked is essential. Swimming is one of the best […]

6 Great Uses for Dribble Bibs – from Funky Giraffe

We all know that baby bibs are an important tool in keeping babies and toddlers neat and tidy. From large spills to minor burps, dribble bibs can help save your sanity whenever your are with your wee one. What you might not realise is that dribble bibs can come to the rescue in a whole […]


There are a number of reasons why you could be experiencing nappy leakage: a) Are you changing often enough? You need to change your reusable nappy every 2-4 hours just like a disposable. As your baby gets bigger you may find you need to change your nappy more regularly. b) Are you using a nappy […]

Why Use Reusable Swim Nappies – Splash About

Why Use Reusable Swim Nappies? Save money A reusable swim nappy is half the cost per wear of a disposable swim nappy: Reusable swim nappy   = 21p Disposable swim nappy   = 45p Using a reusable nappy for swimming lessons alone will save you £12.41 a year. Pack lighter for holidays 24 swim nappies […]

Reusable sanitary pads…are they really sanitary

Looking after you and your reusable sanitary pads Did you know that the fabric in reusable sanitary pads helps increases airflow and will keep you fresher, reduce sweating, irritation and chaffing too? And if you’ve ever suffered from a little extra itchiness around the time that Aunt Flo visits that’s reason enough to give reusable […]

Reusable Nappies and the Environment – TotsBots

It’s official…cloth nappies are up to 40% better for the environment than disposables! This was declared by the UK Environment Agency back in 2008 when they re-published their Cloth vs. Disposable ‘Life Cycle Analysis’ report. The conclusion of this revised report was that using cloth puts control of the carbon footprint into the hands of […]