A day on the Beach – Why you should bring a Happy Nappy Wetsuit

Beautiful family days on the beach… Some days are sunny, but a lot are not too bright or sunny and, especially on the beach, there can often be a bit of a breeze… assuming you, like us, live in the UK.

There are lots of beautiful little swimming costumes you can get for your little one to spend the day on the beach but, through experience, we have found that after a huge struggle to cover them in suncream, which then gets coated in sand, they begin to feel cold pretty quickly!! This is where the Happy Nappy Wetsuit works so well. Not only does it provide every security that the Happy Nappy offers for any accidents it also covers your little ones body and arms. It is easy to slip on and will keep their body warm in any cooling sea breeze whilst playing on the beach, and will work like a wetsuit in the water. The fight with the sun cream is much quicker as you only have their legs and face to worry about.

The Happy Nappy wetsuit was originally designed for use in the pool, and it does a great job at this too. It is a Happy Nappy and can be used for all baby swimming classes and it is a wetsuit so it will keep your little one warm and happier for the whole lesson or play time in the water. As it also offers UPF50+ Sun protection it can also be taken on holiday to protect your babies delicate skin and save on sun cream. Basically the Happy Nappy Wetsuit is the perfect ‘go to’ swimwear for your little one – on the beach, on holiday, in the pool and in the garden!

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